Friday, July 12, 2013

[15 Day Book Blogger Challenge] Day 4 - Flinging it

April from Good Books and Good Wine is doing the 15 Day Blogger Challenge for the next few days and I decided to join in.

On Day 4, I'm supposed to tell you about the last book I flung across the room.

I'm having a hard time coming up with a book for this one. I rarely fling books anywhere because far too often, the books I end up not liking are on my e-reader or on my e-reader app on my phone and I have to admit I like them both a lot. I will close the book, delete it and console myself with another book I hopefully like better.

Usually, when I buy a paperback or a hardcover, I am pretty certain I will enjoy it, so disappointment in those books only happens in very few occasions. If it happens, I will usually try to find a good home for it somewhere else because when I buy paper copies they come highly recommended and I figure it is me, not the book.

How do you treat disappointing books? Do you actually fling them? I have to admit, I would love to experience that feeling of flinging a book across the room. I think it might be a very liberating feeling...

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Passionate Bookworm said...

While I have never flung a book. I have gotten to tear the cover off of them ( HATED IT - We had to do it with the Mass Market paperback Harlequin romances that didn't sell at borders ) Though Tearing the covers off of magazines? Oodles of fun. Let me have at a stack of Justin Beibers face! haha

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